About Us

tktby Trading, a division ofVictaSoft LLP. is a registered Indian companyABZ-3326

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for event planners to plan and execute successful events.

Ttktby was founded on the idea that anyone, everywhere in the world wanting to organize an event should have the tools to do it easily. we promote this idea every day through the hard work and dedication of a team.

The event planners, who put in a lot of effort to make sure that their attendees have a fantastic time, are the main focus of our efforts. They are passionate about bringing people together to make memories and improve lives, and so are we.

Our Core Values

It’s All About You!

Customers are our first priority. Our goal has always been to provide a ticketing system that prioritizes event organizers.

Growing/Developing To Add More Value

We always work to provide you with the most for your money and time. Growth for us doesn't mean raising prices; it means giving back to our customers and the community.

It’s Just Us

We are 100% self-sufficient. We do not have any investors. Instead of shareholders or anyone else, we create value for our clients.